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Hamari Parampara is an initiative led by the University students to protect and celebrate those Indian traditional arts that are on the verge of extinction due to the impact of Westernization. Whether it is ban of colonial government or the socio-economic impact, all proved to be a curse to local but sublime arts, culture and its various branches. If the traditional customs are not protected, then these forms will be extinct soon. Basically, this is an attempt to protect our forgotten identity, the original root of India.

Our vision

Hamari Parampara will become a multidimensional effort which brings local arts and artists on the modern stage. Our vision is to give a close challenge to western art and culture that slowly dominated not only Indian culture but also minds of youth. Old local artists, who only have skills, became the victim of westernization and now nearly invisible from the eyes of younger generations. The economic condition is even worse of these artists and some of them, who were popular earlier now struggling even for their survival.

Our vision is not only to regenerate new opportunity for these invisible artists but also to recapture their reputation and importance in the society, as it was earlier. At the same time, this group will re-establish the value of art among the new generation, who have no knowledge of it. With it, they can explore the panorama of older age, arts and artist.

Our Mission

Whether it is Vedas or Puranas, or even Natyashastra, Indian civilization has crossed a journey of thousands of years and still continuing. In these older documents, each form, either dance, music or drama, has been preserved for the coming generation. This is our sincere effort to make this platform a national traditional revolution for the rejuvenation arts, and to bring all of them under one roof. Like Mahatma Gandhi, who had ignited the minds of Indians for the achievement of freedom, the group will make a call to preserve the classical traditional culture.


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Praveen Kumar (Founder & National President)
Hamari Parampara: Promoting traditional arts
Graduate from School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies